About Birdi's Pharmacist In Charge

Thomas Bostwick

Pharmacist in Charge

Education: Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) from University of Michigan
Primary Licensed State: Michigan

He's also licensed in:
State License Number
Alabama 18186
Arizona S020215
Arkansas PD12535
Idaho P7052
Kansas 1-106366
Kentucky 16859
Louisiana PST.020438
Maryland 21980
Massachusetts PH237596
State License Number
Michigan 5302033608
Mississippi T-13336
Nebraska 14382
Oklahoma 16589
Oregon RPH-0013398
Tennessee 37736
Texas 57841
Virginia 202212484
West Virginia RP0008509
Birdi is licensed in the following states:
State Permit Number
Alabama 113830
Alaska 182019
Arizona Y009022
Arkansas OS02571
California NRP 2548
Colorado OSP.0005986
Connecticut PCN.0002281
Delaware A9-0012689
Delaware Control PH-0024737
Florida PH33473
Georgia PHNR002172
Hawaii PMP-1361
Hawaii Control E12999
Idaho 6343MS
Illinois 54.021955
Illinois Control 320.013536
Indiana 64003150A
Iowa 4015
Iowa Control 1108152
Kansas 22-115602
Kentucky MI2802
Louisiana PST.020438
Maine MO40002992
Maryland P08466
Maryland Control 4107979
Michigan 5301011074
Michigan Control 5315079551
Minnesota 266369
Mississippi 09144
Mississippi Control CS-09144
Missouri 2021032074
Montana PHA-MOP-LIC-79637
State Permit Number
Nebraska 778
Nevada PH02999
New Hampshire NR2198
New Jersey 28RO00063400
New Mexico PH00005227
New Mexico Control CS00230519
New York 39060
North Carolina 14733
North Dakota Phar1858
Ohio 22686900
Oklahoma 99-9016
Oklahoma Control 10000723
Oregon RP-0002830-CS
Pennsylvania NP000602
Rhode Island PHN12129
Rhode Island Control CPHN12129
South Carolina 20231
South Carolina Control 1320231
South Dakota 400-0942
Tennessee 5254
Texas 31374
Utah 12348403-1708-PHY
Utah Control 12348403-8913-CS
Vermont 36.0134548
Virginia 214001522
Washington PHNR.FO.60713315
Washington, DC NRX1701141
Washington, DC Control NCP1700013
West Virginia MO0561669
Wisconsin 2751-43
Wyoming NR-52022-PHY
Wyoming Control CSB01062-CS
A license is not required in the following states: