With Birdi, getting your prescription is a breeze.

Let’s face it, having prescriptions filled can be a pill. We are healthcare experts who saw how to make the pharmacy experience better. So we did away with long lines, lowered drug prices, and made Rx transfers easy.

How it works.

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Fill in the basics.

This includes your name, address, insurance information, you know the drill.

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Tell us about your medications.

Ask your prescriber to send us your prescription or give us the details and we'll take it from there.

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Pick your delivery option.

Once your prescription is ready, you choose your payment and delivery option—either free standard delivery or rush options.


Two easy ways to send us your prescription.

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Through your prescriber.

Ask your prescriber to send us your medication or give us their info and we’ll give them a call.

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From your pharmacy.

Send us your pharmacy details and we’ll transfer your prescription and refills.


We help you take control of your health.

Once you receive your medications, our work is just beginning. We're more than just another pharmacy, we'll be your partner in better health.

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Got a lot on your mind? We're here for you.

We'll let you know when it's time for a refill.

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On your schedule.

We have free standard delivery or rush options.

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Questions answered.

Our experts are here to answer your questions about medications, orders, and insurance coverage.

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Because we care.

We keep track of your medications and health conditions so we can alert you about potential interactions or other concerns.


Getting your prescriptions filled shouldn’t be a pill.

We’re Birdi and we’re here to make your 
life easier and healthier.
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